Corporate Milestones


May 2014 - SkyCross is named to the 2014 Red Herring Top 100 North America 

February 2014 - SkyCross introduces  Dual iMAT, the world’s first 4X4 MIMO solution for smartphones. The solution solves the isolation challenge of 4X4 MIMO and delivers unprecedented data rates, greater coverage, increased reliability and lower costs, all while improving spectral efficiency and allowing operators to maximize the performance on their infrastructure

February 2014 - Deutsche Telekom releases results of a German market field test in which it achieved 580Mbps peak speed and ultimate cell edge performance using SkyCross’s Dual iMAT 4X4 MIMO and carrier aggregation on a live LTE network 

February 2014 - SkyCross featured in The Wall Street Journal alongside Qualcomm, Intel, Broadcom and other industry leaders 

Decemeber 2013 - SkyCross announces new line of high-performance 5GHz  wireless networking device antennas designed to optimally support the 802.11ac WiFi specification. While testing gateways that leverage SkyCross’ 5GHz antennas,  IT testing and verification consulting firm Allion Labs observes throughput speeds of ~750 Mbps and confirms that SkyCross’ antennas easily outperform currently available, off the shelf, 802.11ac solutions

December 2013 - SkyCross Vice President of R&D and Engineering Bob Giometti delivers the keynote address at the Antenna Systems 2013 Connference in Las Vegas

October 2013 - SkyCross is selected for the 2013 Mobile Merit Awards for the 4G Service, Creation and Development sub-category within the Mobile Technologies category

March 2013 - SkyCross' VersiTune-LTE tunable antenna module is selected as a finalist for the 2013 ACE (Annual Creativity in Electronics) Awards in the Ultimate Products - Wireless/RF category

February 2013 - SkyCross announces 30 percent year-over-year revenue growth from 2011 to 2012, as well as greater than 80 percent Q4 2012 revenue growth over Q4 2011

February 2013 - SkyCross appoints Bob Giometti as vice president of R&D and Engineering

February 2013 - SkyCross appoints Amanda Jiang as general manager of Greater China

January 2013 - SkyCross moves its corporate headquarters from Viera, Fla. to San Jose, Calif., to be closer to Silicon Valley and its sales and manufacturing facilities in Asia

January 2013 - SkyCross names Warren H. Weiner as chief financial officer

January 2013 - SkyCross appoints John Marshall as chief marketing officer

January 2013 - SkyCross launches VersiTune-LTE antenna with new MatchTune technology; becomes first active antenna solution to support both LTE and carrier aggregation requirements

January 2012 – SkyCross announces commercial availability of the SkyCross VersiTune-LTE™ tunable antenna module for 4G LTE mobile devices

May 2011 – SkyCross secures $11 million in Series E funding to ramp 4G/LTE Antenna solutions

March 2011 – SkyCross announces commercial availability of its State-Tuned Isolated Mode Antenna Technology (ST-iMAT™) for embedded antenna solutions in 4G MIMO devices

February 2011 – Dr. Bami Bastani, now President & CEO of Meru Networks, joins SkyCross Board of Directors

November 2010 – SkyCross appoints Ben Naskar as CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors

August 2009 –SkyCross expands operations in Taipei to support growing customer base of device manufacturers

July 2009 – SkyCross acquires Shanghai Universe Communication Electronics Co. Ltd., an innovative antenna manufacturer

March 2009 – SkyCross introduces iMAT® antenna product line for access points and routers

February 2009 – SkyCross secures $23 million in financing led by Investor Growth Capital to cap a record growth year

January 2008 – SkyCross unveils Isolated Mode Antenna Technology (iMAT), a revolutionary single-antenna approach providing significant benefits for device designers and manufacturers, network operators, and end users

July 2007 – SkyCross announces the opening of additional design centers in Shanghai, China, and Gumi, South Korea, to meet increasing demand from wireless device manufacturers serving the rapidly growing Asian market

March 2007 – SkyCross announces the opening of additional assembly and manufacturing facilities in Seoul, South Korea and Shajing, China to meet increased customer demand and growing volume requirements

May 2006 – SkyCross announces an investment from Intel Capital, the venture capital arm of Intel Corporation. Intel Capital, through its relationship with Intel, also begins collaborating with SkyCross to develop mobile video applications with selected voice and data initiatives

January 2006 – SkyCross announces closure of a $14 million round of financing led by TL Ventures 

February 2005 – SkyCross opens its second technical design and manufacturing center in the Asia-Pacific region to provide local support for its expanding handset and WLAN customer base in the region

August 2004 – SkyCross receives $2 million investment from Gabriel Venture Partners

June 2004 – SkyCross introduces unique quad band antenna for voice and data applications. The new antenna technology enables manufacturers to design in a single embedded antenna capable of handling a wide range of voice and data services - replacing the need for costlier multiple antennas that require more space and weight

April 2004 – SkyCross receives $1 million investment from Korean telecommunications giant SK Telecom

December 2003 – SkyCross opens its first Asian technical design center to provide local design, technical and manufacturing support for customers in the Asia Pacific region

October 2003 – SkyCross introduces the industry's smallest high performance antenna array for the Multichannel Multipoint Distribution Service (MMDS) fixed wireless and Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) markets

August 2003 – SkyCross raises $10.5 million in Series B funding

March 2003 – SkyCross introduces industry's first high gain, embedded antennas for all worldwide radio WLAN applications 

June 2002 – SkyCross introduces first high performance tri-band antenna for worldwide GSM wireless applications

March 2002 – SkyCross introduces wireless industry's first tri-band high gain antenna for wireless LAN applications

December 2001 – SkyCross develops wireless industry's first embedded antenna 

October 2001 – SkyCross introduces wireless industry's first embedded 5.1 – 5.9 GHz high gain antenna for wireless LAN

June 2001 – SkyCross introduces wireless industry's first embedded 2.45 and 5.25 GHz high gain, dual frequency antenna for wireless LAN

March 2001 – SkyCross Introduces First Embedded 5GHz Antenna For Wireless LAN; Ideal For New High Data-Rate Applications

2000 – Milcom Technologies raises nine million dollars in venture funding for affiliate company SkyCross