Design Freedom

The Challenge

Worldwide sales of wireless devices continue to grow dramatically. As markets mature, customers demand advanced services and features, reliable performance, prolonged battery life, shrinking device sizes, and low prices. 

Device Manufacturers:
Device manufacturers must combat tough design constraints associated with radio-frequency (RF) interference and rapidly develop slim, differentiated designs. In addition, they must accomplish these tasks under intense market and cost pressures while maintaining profitability in a highly competitive industry. 

Service providers:
Service providers face massive network build-out costs to expand existing networks and implement new broadband data and video offerings. Steep competition to retain customers requires improved coverage in fringe areas and faster data rates without requiring expensive towers.

The SkyCross Solution

Our one-stop solution combining award-winning superior antenna technologyRF Systems expertise, and regional support sets designers free to create a full range of consumer electronics products that are small, stylish, and differentiated:

Any wireless device

SkyCross antennas are compact to fit into the smallest form factors. Our versatile antenna technology can be applied to a wide range of mobile platforms including slim mobile handsets, smartphones, notebook computers, USB dongles, PC cards including ExpressCard/34, personal media players, access points, MIDs, and more!

Any combination of features

SkyCross offers endless possibilities for designers to create mobile devices with any combination of features. The antenna can be molded to work around other components such as cameras, navigation units, data/Internet, video, music players, etc. Antennas are designed to conserve battery life and per-application performance as features are added for optimal system operation.

Any set of frequency bands

The frequency band is the defining factor of antenna design. Lower frequencies physically demand a larger antenna, yet SkyCross offers fully embedded solutions that operate as low as 180 MHz on some mobile video networks. Voice and data standards start at 850 MHz and can require as many as 5 bands. Broadband, multi-band, or tunable antennas from SkyCross can cover wide bandwidths using a single structure, therefore simplifying device design for manufacturers.

Any network

Next-generation protocols continue to evolve as data rates become faster and new networks are deployed. SkyCross stays ahead of the curve with its protocol-independent solutions, offering antennas to meet all of the latest services. Often with a single antenna, SkyCross products can operate on any combination of networks including WiMAX, DVB-T/H, T-DMB, S-DMB, HSDPA, CDMA, GSM, UMTS, LTE, and beyond. Better performing devices on a network can improve coverage in fringe areas and increase overall data rates without further infrastructure investment.

Any price point

SkyCross designs all antennas with manufacturing in mind, using off-the-shelf materials and minimizing complicated assembly processes. This keeps costs down for high-end devices and meets critical price points for low-end devices. For example, iMAT antenna technology enables a single antenna element to replace many, reducing the bill of materials (BOM).

Any regional or global market

SkyCross technology is commercially proven every day in wireless networks around the globe. Highly trained engineers at our convenientregional centers are experienced with bringing products to market faster and easier.