“The solution from Beceem and SkyCross sets an industry benchmark for overall system performance. When it comes to the mobile WiMAX modem we cannot afford to leave valuable performance on the table. The client device advancements enabled by the Beceem/SkyCross reference design helps to improve data rates and signal reception, which is crucial during the early mobile WiMAX adoption period.” 
- Tim Towell, Director of Network Technology at Clearwire

“Cost is a main driver in each of the mobile phone segments, but pressure is particularly intense for the rapidly growing, high volume, ultra-low cost segment. This pressure encourages innovation, and we are pleased to address the challenge with the talented team at SkyCross.” 
-Horst Pratsch, Vice President of Marketing for Entry Phone Business at Infineon

“Consumers want access to more and more content while on the go. Mobile video is at the leading edge of this trend and presents new opportunities for the market. Working with innovative companies like SkyCross to develop leading edge wireless connectivity solutions will enable us to bring a better experience to our customers.” 
- Keith Kressin, Marketing Director for Intel’s Mobile Platform Group

“Our MiMAX device is the first time anyone has attempted to support 2 GHz to 5 GHz in a single WiMAX device, and the innovative iMAT solution from SkyCross provided us a lot of design freedom. As a result, we were able to develop a sleek device with outstanding RF performance across the bands. Certification from the WiMAX Forum reinforces the quality of this solution.” 
-Ori Hareli, Vice President of Engineering at Airspan Networks

 “The combined offering from Beceem and SkyCross sets an industry benchmark for high performance and low power consumption for WiMAX systems. We are pleased to offer an optimized solution with SkyCross, a fellow pioneer in the WiMAX market.” 
- David Patterson, Vice President of Marketing at Beceem Communications

“The superior antenna performance provided by SkyCross helped us create a must-have product. SkyCross products are complemented by unmatched customer service and local support.” 
- Jens Wildhagen, Product Development Manager at Sennheiser Consumer Electronics

“We strongly believe that quality of reception is a key feature for mobile TV, and the combination of expertise of our two companies can significantly help our joint customers achieve this quality. Antenna integration into handsets and portable devices has been a difficult task in the design of a mobile TV receiver. The combination of DiBcom features offered in its chipsets along with Skycross’ engineering expertise and innovation in antennas is the perfect way to achieve this.” 
- Dr. Yannick Levy, CEO of DiBcom

“The radio architecture and the antenna are both critical to device performance and power consumption. The powerful combination of the ultra low-power Kleer technology and the SkyCross innovative antenna technology will benefit device manufacturers, who can get a wide range of products to market faster, and consumers, who will enjoy superior wireless audio.” 
- Dr. Levent Gun, CEO of Kleer