SkyCross Announces New WiFi Antenna Line and Expands WiFi Distribution Network

Innovative Products Provide New Paths to High-Performance, Low-Cost 802.11ac Solution, Leverages New Center of Excellence Capabilities, SkyCross Innovation Earns Two Awards

SAN JOSE, Calif. – August 27, 2014 – Building on two recent award wins and creation of its Center of Excellence for Wireless Data Communications, SkyCross, a leading global designer and manufacturer of advanced antenna and RF solutions, announced today a new line of WiFi antenna solutions. The company also announced an enhanced distribution network for its WiFi product lines.

SkyCross Launches Full Line of WiFi Solutions

SkyCross’s new WiFi solutions enable original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and original design manufacturers (ODMs) to achieve a full range of solutions for their needs, including custom high-performance solutions; value offerings, where performance and low cost are needed; and efficiency solutions, where cost is minimized for the most price competitive environments and spatially-constrained platforms.

OEMs and ODMs include SkyCross WiFi antennas in products ranging from wireless routers, set top boxes, gaming platforms, televisions, notebooks, tablets, hotspots, smartphones to other WiFi-enabled products. 

For new high-performance solutions, SkyCross’s new 802.11ac antennas, either cabled or board mounted and either low-profile or standard profile, achieve among the fastest data rates available when paired with leading chipsets.  In addition to solutions for traditional MIMO configurations, SkyCross announces the introduction of 8x8 solutions that further augment data rates and enhance throughput.

For new value offerings, SkyCross announces its cornerstone products, the SkyCross TiFighter2.4TM and TiFighter5 TM, which address both 2.4GHz and 5GHz needs. SkyCross TiFighter antennas provide superior WiFi and 802.11ac performance, a low-cost solution for 802.11ac antennas, and an innovative architecture and design for integrated design needs. Both solutions are available for evaluation as part of the SkyCross TiFighter Evaluation Kit.

And, for new efficiency solutions, SkyCross announces the application of its patented iMAT technology to WiFi, enabling WiFi antennas to be placed in close proximity to one another.  Eliminating spatial separation reduces antenna cost as well as overall system cost by reducing enclosure size for higher-order MIMO, including 3x3, 4x4, as well as 8x8 cost and system size savings.

SkyCross Expands Distribution Network

SkyCross also announced today the expansion of its North American distribution network with two organizations possessing significant WiFi experience and strong relationships with leading WiFi product manufacturers.  Joining SkyCross’s established network of representatives are Norcomp ( serving Northern California and Nevada, and Norcomp SC ( serving Southern California.

SkyCross Leads Innovation Charge

Today’s announcement is the most recent demonstration of SkyCross innovation.  Earlier this month, SkyCross announced its Center of Excellence for Wireless Data Communications, which has made significant WiFi R&D advancements.  These include compact implementations of 4x4 MIMO for WiFi, development of 8x8 MIMO for WiFi and integration of WiFi, LTE and Femtocell technology on a common platform.   

"SkyCross is proud to introduce its new WiFi products and MIMO technology.  SkyCross has invested heavily in WiFi technology development over the last few years advancing our offerings for high-speed 802.11ac and Hetnet LTE/WiFi platforms,” said Ben Naskar, CEO and Chairman of SkyCross. “We are delighted to make these products available to manufacturers of wireless routers, set top boxes, gaming platforms, notebooks, tablets, hotspots, smartphones and other WiFi enabled products."

The wireless industry and technology industry in general have recently recognized SkyCross’s innovation.  Earlier this month, SkyCross received a 2014 Mobility Tech Zone LTE Visionary Award, which recognizes companies developing new technologies to support mobile operators’ LTE networks. In May, SkyCross was named a winner of a Red Herring Top 100 North America Award, selected from approximately 3,000 cutting–edge companies.

About Norcomp and Norcomp SC

Norcomp is an experienced manufacturer sales organization located in California and Nevada, offering products from leading technology companies and providing superior quality service and support.  Norcomp experts drive innovation by providing customers feedback and insights on market needs and trends.  

Norcomp SC maintains facilities in Agoura Hills and Irvine, California, representing leading wireless communications and technology innovators including Advantech, Broadcom and Spansion.

Norcomp and Norcomp SC are independent companies and have no business affiliation with each other.

About SkyCross

SkyCross is a leading global designer and manufacturer of advanced antenna and RF solutions. SkyCross offers complete consultative RF design services and antenna solutions ranging from integrated modules, to traditional and advanced antenna solutions, to reference designs for advanced antenna and integrated RFFE solutions. Its consultative RF design process combines industry-leading technology expertise with highly-experienced engineering to enable next-generation wireless solutions for mobile and connectivity applications.

The company is headquartered in San Jose, California, with full-service manufacturing facilities in South Korea and Greater China. Additional information is available at


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