The First LTE 4x4 MIMO Test In The 800 MHz Band Successfully Completed

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  • T-Mobile has carried out the world’s first 4x4 MIMO test in the low-frequency band
  • Result: up to double the speed, stronger signal indoors and at the edge of coverage areas
  • Possibility to enhance the quality of VoLTE and expand coverage with this technology

SAN JOSE, Calif. – March 12, 2015 – T-Mobile has completed the world’s first trial operation of LTE 4x4 MIMO in the 800 MHz low-frequency band. The test had been carried out since October 2014 in the area of Petrovice near Prague in cooperation between T-Mobile Czech Republic, its parent company Deutsche Telekom and Huawei and SkyCross. The results of the technical pilot operation have shown that when used in the low frequency band, 4x4 MIMO technology can achieve up to double the standard access speeds and strengthens the signal inside buildings and at the edge of the cells covered by the individual base stations.

“The findings of this test will be used by T-Mobile and the entire Deutsche Telekom Group to deploy the most innovative and efficient LTE-Advanced network,” says Vladimír Klein, Technology Director at T-Mobile, adding: “They will also help us to further improve the Voice over LTE technology which we want to offer to our customers in the first half of this year.”

The 4x4 MIMO technology involves increasing the number of transmitting antennas on the side of a base station and the number of receiving antennas on the side of a mobile device from the current two to four. As a result, the maximum achievable transmission speed increases by up to 100% (approx. 70% on average). The technology further enhances the spectrum utilization efficiency and the coverage quality in poorer radio conditions, particularly inside buildings and at the edges of cells covered by base stations.

The trial operation in Petrovice was designed and implemented by T-Mobile’s Research & Trials team, which carries out similar technically demanding projects for the entire Deutsche Telekom Group. This team previously focused on similar activities, but in the higher frequency bands of 1800 MHz and 2600 MHz. For example, at the beginning of 2014 it completed a successful trial transmission at the speed of 580 Mbps in the Deutsche Telekom network using a combination of 4x4 MIMO and carrier aggregation of two bands.

The key task was to answer the question of how the existing network using 2x2 MIMO technology can be most efficiently extended to 4x4 MIMO with maximum possible use of the existing hardware. Additionally, it was necessary to offer an appropriate type of antenna for mobile devices. During the trial operation, various combinations of solutions for base stations were successfully tested in cooperation with Huawei and the first antenna solution for terminal mobile devices supporting all currently used LTE bands was employed in cooperation with SkyCross.  

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