SkyCross Establishes Center of Excellence for Wireless Data Communications

Design Center Concentrates Talent and Resources To Develop Advanced Antenna Solutions For High Speed LTE and WiFi

San Jose, California, August 5, 2014 SkyCross, a global designer and manufacturer of innovative RF solutions for mobile devices, today announced the establishment of a new Center of Excellence for wireless data communications in Viera, Fla. The center will serve as a focal point for developing advanced WiFi, LTE and HetNet solutions that will play an integral role in meeting soaring global demand for high-speed wireless coverage.

SkyCross’ Center of Excellence for Wireless Data will focus on both increasing coverage and boosting data communication rates. These advances will give device manufacturers a new competitive advantage, and enable operators greater efficiency as well as additional services currently impractical due to bandwidth and coverage constraints. 

Consumers will enjoy higher-speed data, flawless connectivity and a stellar wireless experience, even when using complex mobile applications such as video-on-demand. Though located in North America, the center of excellence will focus on creating and implementing global solutions.

“Soaring demand for high-speed mobile data through LTE-A and WiFi presents numerous challenges for the wireless industry, but also brings extensive opportunities for innovation, collaboration and growth,” said John Marshall, SkyCross’ CMO and VP/GM for North America/Europe. “Leveraging our WiFi, LTE and HetNet expertise, SkyCross will continue to play an integral role in meeting these challenges. We are committed to designing and manufacturing advanced RF solutions that allow wireless carriers and device manufacturers worldwide the best possible data speeds and connectivity. Expect announcement of breakthroughs in both WiFi and LTE later this year.”

Digi-Capital, a consulting firm that advices mobile internet, game developer and digital companies, quantifies the surge in demand in its new report, "Mobile Internet Investment Review Q2 2014."  Among the report’s key findings:

  • Mobile internet revenue will triple by 2016 to $700 billion annually, driven by mobile commerce, in-app purchases and Apps as a service
  • Mobile commerce annual revenue will jump to more than $500 billion by 2017, with nearly half of that grow driven by Asia
  • Consumer app revenues will increase to more than $70 billion annually

SkyCross LTE: Innovating for 1000x

Mobile data traffic is multiplying exponentially and the wireless industry is now gearing up for a 1000x increase in mobile data demand over the next few years. Addressing this “1000x challenge” will require a multi-faceted strategy ranging from adding new spectrum and more small cells to advancing antenna technology.

SkyCross’ new center of excellence will address this challenge by designing advanced LTE technologies.  These will includeLTE-A carrier aggregation, advanced tuning technology, compact MIMO and receive diversity for mobile devices. One such example is SkyCross’ dual iMAT LTE antenna solution, which achieved breakthrough data rates of 600Mbps in January of this year, more than 3X faster than the throughput of today’s LTE mobile networks and devices. The center will also focus on converged solutions (HetNets) that blend usage of WiFi and LTE for mobile devices, which will also be essential in boosting network capacity and increasing speeds.

SkyCross WiFi: Enhancing the Fixed Wireless World

With increasing demand for integrated voice and media applications, manufacturers of WiFi routers, set top boxes and similar equipment for both home and enterprise face a daunting challenge: they must deliver a faster, more reliable WiFi signal to support these complex applications. SkyCross has developed a line of 5GHz WiFi solutions for 802.11ac that can achieve throughput speeds of greater than 750 Mbps. By comparison, other antenna solutions achieve only 500-600 Mbps data rates in rate versus range testing. SkyCross’ Wireless Center of Excellence will continue to develop advanced WiFi technologies, including further 802.11ac advancements, as well as higher order MIMO (4x4 to 8x8 and beyond) and beam forming solutions, taking data rates over 1Gbps.

In addition to the Wireless Center of Excellence in Florida, SkyCross maintains corporate headquarters in San Jose, Calif., and offices in Suwon, Korea; Taoyuan, Taiwan; and Shenzhen and Shanghai, China. The company delivers more than 200 million antennas per year, employs more than 100 R&D/design engineers and has a robust IP portfolio with more than 200 patents granted/pending. 

About SkyCross

SkyCross is a leading global designer and manufacturer of advanced antenna and RF solutions. SkyCross offers complete consultative RF design services and antenna solutions ranging from integrated modules, to traditional and advanced antenna solutions, to reference designs for advanced antenna and integrated RFFE solutions. Its consultative RF design process combines industry-leading technology expertise with highly-experienced engineering to enable next-generation wireless solutions for mobile and connectivity applications.

The company is headquartered in San Jose, California, with full-service manufacturing facilities in South Korea and Greater China. Additional information is available at


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