Antenna Design

Custom Antenna Design Services

SkyCross creates custom solutions to fit each customer’s precise specifications for industrial designs and applications, carefully examining all electrical/mechanical specifications, target timelines, and budget requirements before suggesting an appropriate action plan. SkyCross antennas meet the strict quality requirements for high-end consumer electronics, but are also cost effective, meeting the price points for low-end, high volume devices. SkyCross designs its antennas with manufacturing in mind, using off-the-shelf materials and minimizing complicated assembly processes.

SkyCross' design process typically includes:

  • Feasibility / placement recommendations: SkyCross’ RF systems experts review the device design and make recommendations for antenna placement and size/performance tradeoffs. 
  • Simulations: SkyCross uses CAD (computer-aided design) drawings or physical device prototypes to prepare simulation data, allowing customers to see the antenna performance achievable at particular sizes and configurations.
  • Hand-made prototypes: SkyCross then builds handmade prototypes to test in the device, enabling fine tuning 
  • Soft and Hard tooled prototypes: Finally, SkyCross’ mechanical engineers carefully test additional prototypes in the device to ensure these meet manufacturing tolerances and manufacturers can produce parts seamlessly.