Antenna Manufacturing

Strategic Antenna Manufacturing

SkyCross’ design and manufacturing teams are strategically located in the USA, China, Taiwan and South Korea. Production capabilities include stamped metal, injection molding, PCBs (printed circuit boards), flex film, cables, and surface mount parts. With high production capacity and on-site assembly capabilities at most of its locations, SkyCross can also help reduce time-to-market.

In addition to antenna manufacturing, SkyCross is capable of assembling and testing integrated module solutions as well, mobile device manufacturers today are increasingly interested in receiving finished sub-assembly modules that have integrated the antenna, speaker, microphone and USB connector to achieve world-class compactness with best-in-class RF and acoustic performance that has been tested. SkyCross provides such world class assembly and test capability.

Reflecting SkyCross’ commitment to provide superior products, its facilities have earned multiple industry certifications for high quality and environmental standards, including ISO 9001:2000 certification, ISO 14001:2004 certification, RoHS and WEEE Green.