Enhancing Device Performance and Network Capacity

Today’s generation of LTE smartphones are challenged to achieve tightening carrier performance expectations while delivering higher data rates through multi-band operation (employing carrier aggregation). This includes improved MIMO performance, the ability to operate with a growing number of frequency bands, and to achieve high performance in a continuously-shrinking form factor. Additionally, although LTE is a common protocol, different operators use different frequency bands to provide LTE service. As a result, the number of frequency bands with which a device must communicate has exploded.

SkyCross’ three core technologies contribute to addressing the growing number of frequency bands required for LTE and carrier aggregation.

  • iMAT allows a single antenna to act like multiple antennas through the use of multiple feedpoints. Each feedpoint accesses the single antenna as if it were two or more independent antennas, highly isolated from each other. This enables very efficient and compact antenna designs. Developers can combine the iMAT design with other antenna requirements to form a multi-band, multi-protocol antenna module.
  • VersiTune provides an advanced tunable antenna solution for multi-band 4G LTE devices in a single antenna structure. SkyCross can therefore actively tune an antenna from frequency band to frequency band accurately so that the antenna meets the many needs of a single operator or the frequency band requirements of multiple operators simultaneously.
  • MatchTune enables a single antenna structure to uniquely fine tune within a given LTE frequency band, which both enhances performance for a given frequency or for multiple simultaneous frequencies when employing carrier aggregation.

These technologies also enable ODMs and OEMs to improve the performance of their mobile devices, while concurrently reducing costs and shrinking the form factor of their products.