Dual iMAT technology enables higher-order MIMO for LTE devices.


Previously considered unattainable, achieving higher order MIMO in a small smartphone form factor is today both possible and a reality, thanks to SkyCross’ unique Dual iMAT™ (Isolated Mode Antenna Technology) technology.

Though Wi-Fi devices can dramatically boost data rates with 4x4, 8x8 or other MIMO architectures, higher order MIMO has long been considered impossible for LTE. MIMO requires multiple high efficiency antennas that are gain balanced and independent of each other for low correlation. Achieving sufficient spatial isolation has previously been a serious challenge for small smartphone form factors. SkyCross’ new Dual iMAT antenna technology overcomes this challenge, and brings the higher data rates and overall better performance of MIMO to LTE.

SkyCross’ patented iMAT technology applies pattern diversity, allowing designers to locate multiple antennas in close proximity while still achieving the high isolation/low correlation needed for MIMO architectures. SkyCross iMAT technology enables OEMs and ODMs to design multiband 4G LTE MIMO onto a single (or multiple) antenna structure(s). Although the multiple antennas are closely co-located and operate on the same frequency at the same time, iMAT technology eliminates the performance issues associated with mutual coupling and high pattern correlation coefficient from multiple nearby antennas. 


Dual iMAT opens the door to component, mobile device and infrastructure equipment manufacturers to accelerate support for higher order MIMO and will soon deliver numerous benefits for mobile operators, handset manufacturers and consumers:

  • Mobile operators will be able to introduce new services based on data rates of over 500 Mbps, and will also benefit from improved network capacity and fewer dropped calls. In short, they will be able to improve revenues while concurrently minimizing capital and operating expenses of their network infrastructure.  With improved indoor coverage, a greater number of users will be able to rely on their smartphones, which will also serve to increase revenues for the service provider.

  • Since device manufacturers will be able to fit advanced antennas into their existing smartphone form factors, device manufacturers theywill be able to create higher performing products without sacrificing the smartphone aesthetics and form factors preferred by consumers today.

  • Consumers will enjoy five times faster data rates, increased performance, and the ability to, for example, stream HD video while operating other applications that require very high data rates. Dual iMAT also enables dramatically improved performance in cellular edge points, helping consumers avoid “dead zones.” Further, for users located in high density urban areas and indoor environments, 4x4 MIMO will deliver a better experience.

Partnership & Cooperative Development

If you are interested in exploring partnership or development of reference designs with SkyCross on this breakthrough technology, please contact your local SkyCross representative (info@skycross.com).  Development kits are available today for partners.